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Brad Warner                         Tao Lin (Cinematic)

Jordan Castro                        Tao Lin (Documentary)

Noah Cicero                           Himself

James Roehl                           Noah Cicero

Tao Lin                                   Himself

Bebe Zeva                              Audrey

Travis McFarland                  Jeffrey

Keith McAleer                        Himself, Inmate #3

Alfred Rutherford                 Bald Caucasian

Daniel Genalo                       Skinny Hispanic

Mark Parsia                           Himself (Producer), Drunk Guy

Sonny Mishra                        Himself (Composer), Tall Asian

Pirooz Kalayeh                      Himself (Director)

Andrew Crighton                  Himself (DP)

Jennifer Bishop                     Shelly

Joan Wolkoff                          Kaitlyn I

Mallory Whitten                    Kaitlyn II

Erin McCarson                       Paula

Randy Blythe                         Store Manager

Panauh Kalayeh                    Security Guard

Jason Green                           Inmate #1

Keith A. Love Jr.(Staxx)         Inmate #2

David Schilling                       Poetry Reading Emcee

Christi Colombo                    Poetry Audience Member

Ivan Cano                               Poetry Attendee off Street




Director: Pirooz Kalayeh

Producers: Mark Parsia & Pirooz Kalayeh

Cinematographer: Andrew Crighton

Camera:  Aaron Dowell, Stephen Lee

Sound: Jun Umeda, Panauh Kalayeh

Edited by: Stephanie Shyu

Music: Sonny Mishra

Sound Mix: Mike Franklin



Cast and Crew

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