100 FILMS (2021)

Logline: 100 Films traces how people have been dealing with the Covid19 epidemic for the past year around the world.

Synopsis: Through guided and unguided prompts via Zoom, email, and social media, Pirooz Kalayeh documents the pandemic year with a collaged tapestry from participants around the world. ​

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Participants were contacted via social media or email and given various prompts by director Pirooz Kalayeh. These ranged from creating mini films, conducting self-interviews, reading poetry, and filming common activities, such as observing nature, filming apartment views, and walking through neighborhoods. The film includes personal accounts from first responders, such as ER physician, Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, poems by Chinese poet Lu Jian, and confessionals from Cincinnati, Ohio to Tehran, Iran.

The film is available for view at The Johann Jacobs Museum at the following link

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