Set in 2003, The Human War covers a day in the life of a teen in Youngstown, Ohio who discovers and reacts to the declaration of the Iraq War.

SHOPLIFTING FROM AMERICAN APPAREL is a hybrid feature about making an independent movie.

A struggling film company documents the onset of a zombie outbreak to get hits on the Internet and pay their rent.

CTRL ALT DEL is a mid-length feature about several relationships intertwining over the course of a day in Los Angeles.​


BRUNCH ON THE FOURTH OF JULY is a short film centered around a filmmaker's obsession to invite famed actor Tom Cruise to a barbecue on America's Independence Day. 

Nemanja and Gabriel make fun of Pirooz because he blushes every time he sees a beautiful bartender named Marietta in a small village in Switzerland. After being prodded to make a film, Pirooz decides to make a film of his friend’s ridicule so he can talk to Marietta without reproach from his wife in Los Angeles.

Philosopher Dr. Nemanja Mitrovic seeks an answer as to why tennis is often cited as the loneliest of all sports in the hopes that this might be the key to beating a rival and solving his love problems.