After remembering a traumatic racist incident in his childhood,  Pirooz Kalayeh decides to document his journey to recovery, traveling back to the barbershop where he was refused a haircut as a child, and then doing a series of role plays with family, friends, and children to understand how racism leaves lasting effects and how he and others can heal and move forward. 

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In 1985, I was refused a haircut because I was Iranian. My father, who was with me at the time, protested by conducting a sit-in, which resulted in a police escort off the premises. Since I was only nine years old, I have blocked this memory until now.





Through therapy and the film’s re-enactments, I hope to heal this old wound and create a dialogue to help audiences reflect on how discrimination affects children and form better ways to communicate and address all those who might be involved in such an event.

This film is currently in post-production and slated for festival premieres in 2021.