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DON’T BE A JERK is a feature-length documentary that follows Zen priest and bestselling author Brad Warner on his teaching tour throughout the USA and Europe as he translates and discusses Eihei Dogen’s revered eight-hundred-year-old Buddhist classic, The Shobogenzo, into accessible language for modern times.

Brad Warner is a Zen monk, punk rocker, and

author. He has written several books, including

Hardcore Zen, Sit Down And Shut Up, Zen Wrapped in Karma Dipped in Chocolate, Sex, Sin, and Zen, There Is No God and He Is Always with You, and his latest, Don't Be a Jerk. He received Dharma Transmission from Gudo Nishijima Roshi, who received his transmission from Rempo Niwa Roshi who, at the time was the head of the Soto Sect in Japan. He writes about Zen and other topics on his blog Hardcore Zen

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