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A Local Distribution Screener allows communities to screen a copy of BRAD WARNER'S HARDCORE ZEN prior to it's sales release date in December. Once added to cart, you will be asked to list a shipping address, screening location (home, theater name, etc.), and estimated audience head count prior to the shipment of your Blu Ray Disc. Please also be aware that if charging for the event, we request that a 20% donation of total ticket sales be made to via Paypal. Finally, please do not copy, distribute, upload, or sell your Distribution Screener. If interested in having Brad Warner or director Pirooz Kalayeh appear at your event please see "Private Screening - HARDCORE ZEN." (Local Distribution Screeners not available for purchase by communities in Montreal, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francico, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, Akron, and Las Vegas, until after theatrical screenings already planned in those areas have been completed.)

Local Distribution Screener - HARDCORE ZEN

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